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Maventra Add-Ons Terms & Conditions

Effective:  March 25, 2024

The subsequent terms regarding additional services (“Add-on services Terms”) are integral components of the Platform Subscription Agreement (“the Agreement”) established between Maventra Learning Solutions Private Limited and the individual or entity designated in the Agreement (“Customer” or “You”). Any capitalized terms within these Add-on Terms hold the same definitions as stipulated in the Agreement and Order Form, unless explicitly defined otherwise herein. These Add-on Terms are applicable to You in accordance with the inclusion of the relevant Add-on Service specified in Your Order Form. Maventra reserves the right to periodically revise these Add-on Terms. In cases of conflict between these Add-on Terms, the Agreement, and the Order Form, precedence shall be given to the Agreement followed by the Add-on Terms and then the Order Form.

Periodically, Maventra may offer additional services, features, or functionalities through its Platform that utilize or are powered by AI (“AI Tools”). You have the discretion to decide whether or not to utilize these AI Tools as outlined in the following AI Terms.
AI Generated Content: As you utilize the Platform, you may submit your own Content for processing by AI, resulting in AI-generated data (“Output”), which will be returned to you. Ownership of all Content and Output lies with the Customer. The term “Content” encompasses all Output and is subject to the same terms and conditions as Content outlined in the Agreement. You, as customer, are solely responsible for all content and output and ensuring the accuracy, quality, appropriateness, and legality of your Content and Output. You affirm that your Content and Output, as well as your use of AI, will not: (i) violate any applicable law; (ii) breach these AI Terms or the Agreement; (iii) be utilized for bias or profiling of individuals; or (iv) infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Maventra or any third party.
Customer Content License: By making Content available through the Platform, you grant Maventra a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable, and transferable right to utilize, process, copy, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, excerpt, translate, publish, display, transmit, perform, and distribute the Content solely for the purposes of providing AI data to you and operating, enhancing, improving, and further developing the Platform. You confirm that you hold all necessary rights to provide Content and grant the specified licenses to Maventra. Maventra will not allow third parties to utilize the Content or Output or to train their AI models, except for the creation of derivative works using AI Tools, which shall not be considered “work made for hire” under this Agreement.
Restricted Use of AI Tools: You agree not to utilize the AI Tools: (i) for the development of machine learning models or similar technology; (ii) for biased programming or profiling of individuals; (iii) to mislead any person into believing that Output from the Platform was solely human-generated; (iv) in contravention of any applicable laws or contractual obligations. You shall not provide Maventra with any personally identifiable information (“Personal Data”) for processing via AI Tools. Responsibility for any Personal Data in the Content, including obtaining necessary permissions for its use, lies with you. You agree to indemnify and defend Maventra against any third-party claims arising from your use of AI Tools in violation of these AI Terms or your use or disclosure of Personal Information.
Termination of the Use of AI Tools: At any point during the term of the Agreement, you may opt out of utilizing the AI Tools by providing written notice to Maventra.
Disclaimer: Customer acknowledges and accepts that both AI and the AI Tools have not undergone comprehensive testing. The AI Tools utilize experimental technology, and any Output generated may not align with Customer’s intended use, potentially being inaccurate, offensive, or duplicative of content generated for other users. Customer must exercise caution when relying on, publishing, distributing, or otherwise utilizing any Output produced through the AI Tools. REGARDLESS OF ANY CONTRARY PROVISIONS IN THE AGREEMENT, INCLUDING SECTION 13 (WARRANTIES), MAVENTRA PROVIDES AI AND THE AI TOOLS TO CUSTOMER “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY INDEMNITIES, REPRESENTATIONS, OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY, OR OTHERWISE, AND MAY MODIFY, DISCONTINUE, OR CANCEL THEM AT ANY TIME AND FOR ANY REASON AT MAVENTRA’S SOLE DISCRETION.
Modifications: Maventra reserves the right to modify or update these AI Terms at its sole discretion. Customer’s continued use of the AI Tools following any such changes constitutes acceptance of the modified AI Terms.
Third-Party Provider Terms (“Microsoft Azure” AND “OpenAI”): The AI Tools incorporate derivatives of a machine learning generative model subject to distribution restrictions. If Customer opts to use the AI Tools, they must adhere to all Microsoft Azure and OpenAI policies and terms and conditions, including but not limited to the Code of Conduct, and refrain from using the AI Tools in any manner that violates such policies or terms.

Throughout your usage of the Platform, Maventra may provide additional services, features, and Content for a separate Subscription Fee. This Content may encompass course materials, text, outlines, slides, graphics files, animation files, data files, graphic user interfaces, images, audio, and music. To access the Maventra Asset Library, which contains these resources, you must have an active paid Plan for the Platform during the Subscription Period, and your access will be limited to the number of files subscribed to.
Maventra Asset Library Limited License: During the term of the Agreement and the Subscription Period for the Maventra Asset Library, Maventra grants you a limited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable right to utilize, process, copy, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, excerpt, translate, publish, display, transmit, perform, and distribute the portions of the Maventra Asset Library for which you have paid a Fee. This usage is solely permitted for your internal operations in connection with your use of the Platform. You are prohibited from allowing any third parties, excluding “End Users,” to utilize the Maventra Asset Library in any manner.
You bear sole responsibility for your use and that of your authorized End Users of the Maventra Asset Library, including ensuring accuracy, quality, appropriateness, and legality.
Any Personal Data utilized in connection with the Maventra Asset Library is your responsibility, including obtaining necessary permissions for its use.
Disclaimer: You acknowledge and agree that the Maventra Asset Library is provided for general information purposes and may not fully align with your needs or intended usage. This includes the possibility of content being inaccurate or outdated. Customer is expected to exercise discretion and caution when relying on, publishing, distributing, or otherwise utilizing the Maventra Asset Library.
The information presented within the Maventra Asset Library is not intended as legal or any other form of advice. Do not rely on statements or representations within the library, or from externally referenced Internet sites, for legal advice. If you require legal advice for your legal affairs, seek guidance from a competent, independent attorney. Maventra bears no responsibility for actions or inactions taken by individuals accessing the Maventra Asset Library, and no claims for detrimental reliance on provided information shall be entertained.
Despite any contrary provisions in the Agreement, including but not limited to Section 13 (Warranties), Maventra does not endorse, guarantee, or warranty the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any referenced information, product, or service within the Maventra Asset Library. It is your responsibility to verify any legal or other information contained therein. Any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers, or other content expressed by third parties are solely those of the respective author(s) and do not necessarily reflect Maventra’s views. REGARDLESS OF ANY CONTRARY PROVISIONS IN THE AGREEMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO SECTION 13 (WARRANTIES) OR SECTION 15.1 (MAVENTRA INDEMNITY), MAVENTRA ASSET LIBRARY IS PROVIDED TO YOU “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY INDEMNITIES, REPRESENTATIONS, OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY, OR OTHERWISE.
Modifications: Maventra reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or update the Maventra Asset Library and these Add-On Terms periodically. Your continued use of the Maventra Asset Library after such changes constitutes acceptance of any modifications to the library and these Add-On Terms.


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