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AI Tool to generate 15 different question types dynamically

Effortless, Simple & Cost-effective tool to generate quiz questions to amplify learner knowledge & boost productivity

Discover our cutting-edge AI-Powered quiz/assessment/survey generation tool, designed to streamlines quiz creation with diverse question types, adaptive difficulty levels with multi-lingual support to improve learning outcomes.

Game-Changing innovation with AI

Seamlessly integrate custom questions and AI generated questions to build a question repository on selected subject with just few clicks and instantly deploy it as part of course, Training Program, practice test and other pathways.

Build adaptive Interactive Quiz

Randomize questions in quiz generation to strengthen knowledge retention, encourage critical thinking, and ensure engagement and build a more effective and meaningful learning experiences

Easy methodology to test practical application of knowledge

Automatically generate case-studies that tests participants understanding of concepts leading to better knowledge retention and application.

Convenience Redefined with Analytics & Automated Evaluation

Generate time-saving, data-driven insights & personalized feedback to improve learning outcomes and informed decision-making.

Drive deeper learning engagement

AI to streamline varied difficulty levels & learning objectives.

Enhance problem-solving and analytical skills

Enhance inclusivity with support for multiple languages

Rapidly produce a wide array of questions, saving hours of manual work.
  • Significantly reduce the time required to create questions, saving days of manual work allowing trainers to focus on quality interaction rather than on content creation
  • rapid generation of questions through AI enables the creation of multiple sets of assessments or quizzes swiftly, increasing overall productivity in training settings
  • Generate vast variety of questions that enhances the quality and breadth of assessments, catering to different learning styles and knowledge levels.
  • Generate fair and unbiased assessments by reducing human error and ensuring accuracy across a large volume of questions
AI to generate 12 different question types to accommodate diverse learning styles and fostering adaptive learning
  • AI-powered question generation enables the creation of various question types, catering to different learning styles and assessment needs. This versatility allows customization to match specific learning objectives and diverse educational scenarios.
  • Offering a range of question types—such as Essay, either/or, fill-in-the-blank, Dropdown with blanks, Multiple answer, ordering questions, short answer, multiple choice, matrix radio, matrix checkbox, match-the-pairs, comprehension and programming questions to enhance learner skills across cognitive levels, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Evaluation with multiple question types to ensure a holistic assessment, fostering better learning outcomes.
AI Powered quiz tool for engaging learning, reinforcing knowledge and achieving better outcomes.
  • AI-generated stimulating and challenging questions keep participants actively engaged, promoting sustained attention and interest throughout the learning process.
  • AI-formulated questions that reinforce key concepts and objectives support deeper learning by continuously revisiting and strengthening core knowledge areas, improving long-term retention.
  • The tool provides a cost-effective alternative to manual creation, saving valuable resources and time that can be redirected toward teaching, analysis, or enhancing learning experiences.
  • Ensure a consistent level of question quality, reducing the potential for errors and maintaining high standards in assessments, ultimately benefiting the integrity and accuracy of evaluations.
AI tool offers multilingual support, generate questions from PDFs, save it to question-bank and reuse it across multiple quizzes.
  • AI's multilingual support enables wider reach and inclusivity, catering to diverse linguistic backgrounds and facilitating learning for a global audience.
  • The AI tool has ability to generate questions from PDFs streamlines content creation, extracting and converting information into questions, saving time and manual effort.
  • The reusability of questions in different quizzes optimizes resources, allowing the same questions to be utilized across multiple assessments, enhancing efficiency.
  • Analytics on question performance enable data-driven insights, facilitating continuous refinement and enhancement of assessments for improved learning outcomes and better engagement.
Progress Tracking with real-time Reports & Analytics
  • Harness the power of data with real-time reports that offer insights into participant progress, engagement, and performance.
  • Real time dashboard that provides analytics and user engagement for every question in quiz.
  • Leverage real-time data for actionable insights into participant progress, engagement, and performance. Optimize your programs through data-driven decisions and personalized guidance.

Transform Learning Experiences and Drive Success with Our Innovative AI-Powered Assessment Solution

Unlock the potential to revolutionize your training endeavors with our state-of-the-art AI-Powered Assessment Solution. Register today and harness the immense power of multilingual support, streamlined question generation from PDFs, question reusability, and detailed analytics. Join us to elevate engagement, streamline efficiency, and amplify learning outcomes. Experience an intuitive, innovative platform designed to reshape learning paradigms and propel success in education and training. Take the first step towards a transformative journey by signing up now!


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