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AI Tool to generate 15 different question types dynamically

Seamlessly repurpose quizzes for diverse scenarios, catering to the unique needs with our versatile quiz reusability feature

Our platform empowers you to repurpose and reuse quizzes dynamically, ensuring optimal flexibility and adaptability for a variety of scenarios. Transform the way you teach, engage & assess by empowering learning with targeted assessments.

AI-Powered Personalized learning, upskilling & Reskilling

Find hidden talent within your network of employees

Convenience of self-paced courses with Blended Learning & Training

Certification & Continous Professional Development

MeVn.ai redefines the possibilities of repurposing assessments.

With MeVn.ai, effortlessly tailor quizzes for a myriad of purposes, enriching learning experiences and workforce development. Whether it's precision learning through lesson quizzes, streamlining certifications, fostering dynamic training, or recommending personalized pathways, the benefits are manifold:

AI-Powered Personalized learning, upskilling & Reskilling

Find hidden talent within your network of employees

Convenience of self-paced courses with Blended Learning & Training

Certification & Continous Professional Development


Tailor assessments for a wide spectrum of needs

Course Assessments

Maximize instructional efficiency with focused, topic-specific quizzes. Enhance the learning experience by aligning quizzes directly with lesson content. Comprehensive assessment for final certification.

Training Program Quiz

Enhance training programs by incorporating targeted quizzes, providing valuable insights into participant understanding. Dynamically adapt assessments to align with evolving training objectives

Practice Quizzes for Certification Exams

Prepare learners for success with realistic practice tests that mirror formal assessments. Craft quizzes to simulate real-world testing conditions & offer learners the opportunity to practice.

One-Time Quiz Generator

Engage external audience beyond your organization by deploying a one-time quiz. Publish the quiz and make it accessible with a QR code. Elevate security measures with registration and unique one-time access code

Unlock efficiency and maximize the impact of your assessments - build once, deploy many times.


Foster dynamic, focused, and personalized learning experiences for continuous growth.


Capture interest through exclusive quizzes, fostering collaboration and active participation.


Customize assessments for evolving needs, ensuring flexibility and continuous improvement


Strengthen skills with realistic practice tests, promoting confidence and mastery.

A gateway to a new era of adaptive, impactful assessments made simple

Embrace simplicity as you navigate through a suite of tools designed to tailor quizzes for diverse needs, ensuring precision learning, streamlined certifications, dynamic training, and personalized pathways. Deploy assessments that not only gauge but also propel learners and professionals toward excellence, one adaptive step at a time.

Course Assessments

Embed topic & lesson quizzes, Streamline certifications

  • Reuse existng quizzes to align it with lesson content.
  • Optimize instructional efficiency by aligning quizzes directly with lesson content,
  • Expedite the certification process with targeted assessments, providing a streamlined and efficient path to certifying skills and knowledge.
  • Set minimum qualifying criteria for a learner to get certified after course completion

Adaptive Deployment Options

Tailor assessments for different learning objectives and platforms, ensuring instant scalability

  • Determine current skill levels through skill-based questionnaires and recommend personalized learning pathways, tailoring learning experiences to individual needs.
  • Facilitate individualized learning experiences by tailoring pathways based on skill-level assessments, providing a more personalized and effective learning journey.
  • Enhance assignment-based learning through targeted assessments, reinforcing key concepts and skills integral to successful completion of assignments.

Quizzes for Practice, Assignments & Knowledge-check

Enhance Collaboration, Engagement and Knowledge Quotient

  • Craft quizzes that simulate real-world testing conditions, allowing learners to practice and refine their skills in preparation for formal assessments.
  • By incorporating registration requirements and a unique one-time access code in one-time quiz, reuse the quiz for selected audience by inviting and engaging external audience for specific target audience
  • Reuse quizzes for assignments & activities related to course, training programs or direct assignments assigned to learners
  • Structure quizzes in a hierarchical group format, facilitating comprehensive assessments across multiple levels for collaborative excellence.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your training with our innovative quiz platform. Experience the benefits of practice, group & timed quizzes, and training program effectiveness. Join the growing number of academies leveraging Mevn.ai to deliver exceptional hybrid and blended learning experiences.


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